A first birthday party is a very special birthday party. I think everyone really knows that the first birthday party, is a party for the parents!

A great theme that we did for one of our clients’ daughter’s first birthday party was, a farm theme. We even organised a farm animals for the kids to pat and play with. The little kids loved it! So too did the big kids!

We had lots of fun styling this first birthday party with the farm theme. We have bespoke cow caps for our little kids white stools. The caps are removable so they can easily be washed ready for the next party.

We have special kids height tables. The tables are adjustable so the kids can sit at them comfortably. We also used our plastic gingham table cloths, which fit the farm theme perfectly. Also, our cow patterned stool covers were just adorable.

It is a very hand idea to have something at the birthday party that guests can help themselves too. For this first birthday party, we created a farm themed drink station. It was really great that the guests, and even the kids could go and get a drink anytime that wanted. They didn’t have to wait for the hosts to hand out a drink.

We created specially themed lolly jars for the little kids to take home at the end of the party. We kept them simple and used red and white lollies to fit our red and white farm theme. Who doesn’t love a milk bottle lolly!

We set the kids table up ready for them to enjoy the first birthday party food. We used the little metal buckets for chips and snacks. The faux grass runners added some texture to the centre of the table. The paper plates and serviettes were also farm animal themed. They added color to the table.

We even provided some dress ups for anyone who felt like really getting apart of the farm theme. Our farmer Bill, scarecrow welcomed guests at the front of the house. He was quite the sight for guests walking down the street to the party house! The scarecrow was a great marker to indicate that a very special birthday party was being hosted at this address.

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