3 Steps to perfect Styling for your Party

So, you have decided to have a party. Well, that’s the easy part. You will now need to make many decisions to make your party a true success. Early party planning is essential to avoid stress and missed party hire items. There is nothing worse than at the last minute running around trying to find extra party hire items, because you didn’t think about something until the last minute. This is where a professional party planner or event co-ordinator can walk you through all the necessary components, and make sure you have everything you need to make your party a huge success. Here are three steps to the perfect styling for your next party.

1) Select just two colors as part of a theme

We usually find that choosing two main colors, that will compliment your theme works best. It is easy to get carried away and start looking at event decorations in every color. You will find lots of styling items in different colors and different styles, but you do not need them all!

This is where you need to write down your theme and write down a couple of words that describe how you want your theme to look. Do you want your event to look sophisticated and elegant, or do you want a minimalist look? If you take the time to write down your party intentions at the beginning, it will save you time from making the wrong decisions.  This way, you can refer to your original notes and it will help you get back on track when you cannot decide on a particular styling item – you simply refer to your event brief and choose accordingly. Does the hire item match your theme, does it fit with your main color scheme, if not, then you are probably choosing the wrong styling element.

Writing an event brief does not have to be complicated and it does not have to be pages and pages of notes. Keep it ‘brief’ as the word implies. Write down one or two words on the theme, and then choose one or two key colors that best fit with that theme. If you cannot choose your colors, perhaps start with an easy choice: do you prefer gold or silver?  Then you only need to choose one other color. Then write down a couple of words that describe the look and feel of that theme. Refer back to this ‘brief’ as you look for your party hire items.

2) Less is More

It can be exciting and lots of fun thinking about the decorations for your party. But, you need to be careful that you don’t get totally carried away and miss the mark. What were the words that you wrote down earlier, that describe how your party will look? Does the amount of styling and decoration elements match those words? Remember to consider your colors, do the hire items keep in-line with your selected colors, or have you gone a bit off course? Have you selected several items, when one main item would be better?

What is going to be the focal point of your party? You have chosen your theme and your colors, but what is the one main element that visually showcases this?

3) Understated elegance will create a lasting impression of your event

Do you really need that Christmas tinsel? Wouldn’t selected baubles in your chosen event colors look more elegant? Then hang them using fishing line for a floating effect. Remember, less is MORE!

One definition of Elegance is:

the quality of being pleasingly ingenious and simple; neatness.

Do the party hire items that you have selected for your event match the above definition of elegance? If not, then perhaps you may need to remove some hire items, even if they seem like fun at the planning stage. Having restraint is one of the most important qualities when planning an event that you want your guests to remember for all the right reasons.

Has this article got you thinking about your next Christmas party, or any party for that matter? Email us and we can arrange a time to discuss your event in detail. Good planning is essential!