Wedding Styling + Co-ordination

A destination wedding in the country

Natalie and Brett were excited about planning their wedding in the country. It was a big change from the bustle of the city of Melbourne to the slower pace of a small country town called Koroit, near Warrnambool in the southwest.

Planning Ahead

Planning a wedding so far away meant that every detail had to be considered well in advance. There was no room to miss any of the important wedding details. My Perfect Event helped with the wedding styling, planning and coordination of their delightful country wedding. My Perfect Event attended a site inspection with the bride and groom. We were able to plan out all the details that would make their day a day to remember. We were able to give suggestions and ideas that complemented the wedding style that they were wanting to achieve.

Perfect Styling & theming

My Perfect Event sourced all the tulle poms and lanterns that added so much character to their wedding setting. My Perfect Event also sourced and styled the wedding lolley buffet. It was a great hit with all the guests and not just the kids! We planned and styled much needed signage that enabled the city guests to find the slightly out-of-the-way country wedding venue. It truly was over the hill and far away!

We worked with our favourite bespoke wedding invitation design studio, My Artisan Studio, to create truly unique wedding invitations for Natalie and Brett. Their guests commented that they had never seen such detailed invites before. It certainly helped make their wedding memorable even before the big day.

We transported, installed and styled all the wedding decorations and theming. We even packed down the wedding decorations after the event. This saved the bride and groom and their family and friend having to worry about anything on their special day. They could all just relax and enjoy the beautiful wedding, knowing that everything was in safe hands.

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