Ago & Yasmine’s Wedding Day Coordination

Ago & Yasmine are a lovely couple that had fun organising not one, but two weddings. One large formal white wedding in Italy and a smaller more casual wedding back home in Australia. We had the pleasure of assisting them with their Australian wedding day coordination.

They had their intimate garden ceremony in Camellia Garden in the National Rhododendron gardens on a beautiful summer day. As their wedding coordinators, we were onsite in the garden overseeing delivery and set up of the chairs, flowers and music for the ceremony. We welcomed the guests and guided them through the park as the ceremony place was a bit difficult to locate. We were on standby to make sure everything was running smoothly and that the bride and groom were relaxed.

Yasmine looked absolutely stunning in her red dress and she walked down the aisle with her handsome father and husband. The ceremony was beautiful and all the guests were so pleased to be able to witness the couple get married for the second time.

We were able to ensure that Yasmine and Ago were stress free on their wedding day. On the day, wedding day coordination is a must for every couple.  Family and friends are your guests at the wedding and therefore they can’t always do the running round jobs at the last minute. That’s where My Perfect Event takes the pressure off everyone attending the wedding. We do all the running around and moving flowers etc and make sure everyone has a fabulous wedding day experience. Contact us to discuss your wedding day coordination.

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