Alice in Wonderland Themed Baby Shower

Imagine this…as the guests arrive at the gateway they see a colorful sign that says “this way, that way”. Yes, it set the tone for an Alice in Wonderland inspired baby shower extravaganza.

 The theme was a bright and colorful Alice in Wonderland baby shower. The client wanted to have a high tea set up with tea cups and saucers but also include some elements of books, as the mother-to-be loves to read. Our fabulous client gave us free reign to create an awesome bespoke design in response to their baby shower brief…and so we did!

As soon as the guests arrives at the gateway they instantly knew what the theme was, because of the ‘this way, that way’ sign post. It was colorful and set the tone for a mad and slightly whacky day ahead.

Just through the gateway guests were treated to a crazy assortment of Alice theme props hanging in the trees. Giant 1m tall Queen of Hearts playing cards were suspended in the trees up the drive way. Together with an oversized gold key and a red clock, it informed guests of a fun day ahead. 

Additional signage was practical and guided guests to the parking area. Once on foot, they were treated to an Alice spectacular!

We created a keyhole entrance for the guests to enter through, a little bit like going down the rabbit hole. We designed a large black back drop with an opening in the shape of a keyhole in the middle of it. We deliberately made the height of the key hole entrance just shorter than average head height. This meant that guests had to duck their heads down to get through the opening. This created a real sense of ‘making an entrance” and having the guests become part of the performance of the decorations. The guests loved it!

Large hand made paper roses filled the backdrop and added a splash of red color to the otherwise black background. Several flowers were pinned to the reverse side of the backdrop. This helped add some color to the party side and not just limited the color to the outside.

To play on the saying “you’re late, you’re late”, clocks were in abundance throughout the decorated baby shower space. Three clocks were hung in open backed, gold frames in front of the black backdrop. It was a fun way to add the element of ‘time’ to the Alice themed baby shower.

Once guests had eventually ‘arrived’ inside, our large free standing BABY letters were one of the first things they saw.

Giant, oversized pocket watches were included on the dessert table and elsewhere on the patio. They were on tables and even suspended from the roof.The table was specifically styled to provide a 360o spectacular of food and props. A guest was overheard saying, “gosh there are things to see all around the table”.


“We would like to thank Melina & Melissa for the assistance with the Alice in Wonderland/Mad Hatters Themed Baby Shower for our daughter Emily. She was thrilled with the afternoon and the guests were all so excited by the extensive decor and array of wonderful items. This will have lasting memories for our daughter. Once again thank you for your support with our event”. – John and Meralyn

A ridiculously large pocket watch was places on top of a beautiful hand bound edition of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland story book. This provided reassurance of the theme, as one could have been excused for thinking they had gone mad!

An assortment of tables and chairs in the outside courtyard provided seating for the guests. The number of tables also added to the busy feeling you get when being involved in an Alice in Wonderland story.

Each table was decorated with unique centerpieces that brought the Alice in Wonderland baby shower theme right through the event. Stacks of books and clocks with tea cups and paper flowers created a fun conversation starter for all the guests. 

Each guest got a ‘mad hatters’ hat to wear and take home as a token of appreciation for spending the day with the mother-to-be! The beautiful hats were decorated by our client herself and they looked stunning. 

A few baby shower games set the tone for the event and made all the guests mingle and have fun! But most importantly, the main guest – the mother-to-be had a fantastic day! 

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