Balloon Ban

In Victoria, it is now illegal to release balloons outside in the open to float away, this is now considered littering. It can be deadly to our wildlife, as you cannot control where the balloons float away too and when they burst, wildlife think it is food and eat it, and then often die. You

Wedding Planning + Co-ordination

Felicity & Gerard’s Wedding Felicity and Gerard were delighted to hear that we did wedding planning in Melbourne.  That’s because they lived and worked in Warrnambool, some 3 hours away from Melbourne, the destination of their wedding. It gave them piece of mind that they’d have someone on the ground in Melbourne to assist with

Wedding + Event Styling

Have My Perfect Event assist with your wedding and event styling to make sure every decorative detail is exactly as you planned. Perfect for clients who want to be assured that their vision will be executed correctly with the perfect wedding and event styling. We offer unique wedding and event styling ideas that will create the

Why Hire a Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is your best bet to a successful wedding day.  Lets face it; they are professionals who are dedicated to providing your dream wedding day.  Guess what? they’ve done it loads of times too. It’s their passion. They love it. Here are some advantages of hiring a wedding planner! Save Time Planning a

Camo’S 60th Birthday Party

Our client’s brief for styling and theming her husband’s 60th birthday party was left pretty open to our interpretation. We were conscious of creating a suitable color palette and styling solution appropriate for a bloke’s birthday party. We chose blue, green and silver as our color palette for the birthday party. We created a custom circle