Balloon Ban

In Victoria, it is now illegal to release balloons outside in the open to float away, this is now considered littering. It can be deadly to our wildlife, as you cannot control where the balloons float away too and when they burst, wildlife think it is food and eat it, and then often die.

You can still use balloons outside, but you must not purposely or accidentally release them into the environment. You should be aware that there are hefty financial penalties if you are found guilty of doing so. You can read more about this new law on the EPA website:

Alternatives to balloons

If you get creative you will find some great alternatives so you don’t have to use balloons. Here is a list of fun alternatives:

  • Bubbles – individual bottles of bubbles for your guest, or you can hire a bubble machine
  • Petals – you could drop flower petals on the ground to highlight your aisle
  • Bunting – reusable bunting is best for the environment and your budget too
  • Flags – there are great options for different types of flags that can be used
  • Candles – add atmosphere to your event with battery candles
  • Release doves – you can actually release doves

Being considerate to the environment can be good for your budget too. When you hire your wedding decor items instead of buy them, you save on the cost, and then you don’t have to store it after your event either. This is what we call a win-win!

My Perfect Event has a wide range of wedding decor items available for DIY hire. We offer a full delivery and setup service if you are short on time and want an expert to help setup and style your wedding.