Wedding Styling & Coordination

Natalie and Brett were excited about planning their wedding down in the country. It was a big change from the bustle of the city of Melbourne to the slower pace of a country town called Koroit, near Warrnambool in the planningStyling-Reception

Planning Ahead

Planning a wedding so far away meant that every detail had to be considered well in advance. There was no room to miss any of the important wedding details. My Perfect Event helped with the wedding styling, planning and coordination of their delightful country wedding.nat and brett weddingMy Perfect Event attended a site inspection with the bride and groom. We were able to plan out all the details that would make their day a day to remember. We were able to give suggestions and ideas that complemented the wedding style that they were wanting to styling with flowerswedding cake and sign

wedding reception styling

Perfect Styling & theming

My Perfect Event sourced all the tulle poms and lanterns that added so much character to their wedding setting. My Perfect Event also sourced and styled the wedding lolley buffet. It was a great hit with all the guests and not just the kids! We planned and styled much needed signage that enabled the city guests to find the slightly out-of-the-way country wedding venue. It truly was over the hill and far away!wedding reception_styling

Wedding Bubbles

wedding invitations

Natalie & Brett's Wedding 2013We worked with our favourite bespoke wedding invitation design studio, My Artisan Studio, to create truly unique wedding invitations for Natalie and Brett. Their guests commented that they had never seen such detailed invites before. It certainly helped make their wedding memorable even before the big day.

bird cage and vases

wedding sign hireSignage_weddingWe transported, installed and styled all the wedding decorations and theming. We even packed down the wedding decorations after the event. This saved the bride and groom and their family and friend having to worry about anything on their special day. They could all just relax and enjoy the beautiful wedding, knowing that everything was in safe hands.Picnic Games

A little help from your Wedding Planner…

goes a long way when you have some hick-ups during the wedding planning process.

Bride and Groom having fun on their wedding day as they are relaxed knowing their wedding planner is taking care of EVERYTHING!

Bride and Groom having fun on their wedding day, knowing their wedding planner is taking care of EVERYTHING!

Felicity and Gerard were delighted to hear that we could be their wedding planner here in Melbourne. Living and working in Warrnambool, some 3 hours away from Melbourne, the destination of their wedding. It gave them piece of mind knowing they’d have someone on the ground in Melbourne to assist with their wedding planning.  They had realized early on, that all their family and friends were attending their wedding as guests, so they needed someone else to help out on their wedding day. My Perfect Event was the perfect solution.reserve sign at ceremonyThe bride and groom, Felicity and Gerard had an idea of what they wanted for their wedding day. They had already booked the delightful Chapter House for their ceremony and Comme for their reception. We were able to help them work through their brief and ideas for wedding invitations. Our preferred creative bespoke studio for helping us with wedding invitations is My Artisan Studio. They interpreted the wedding invitation brief perfectly. We helped Felicity and Gerard find an illustrator who created a fun drawing of the soon to be bride and groom. This illustration was then incorporated into their wedding invitations and wedding signage.chapter house melbourne

Ceremony at Chapter House Melbourne

Ceremony at Chapter House Melbourne

Part way through the planning of their wedding, Felicity and Gerard learned that the Comme had undergone a name change, a new chef, and you guessed it, a new menu! To say that this added a little bit of stress to their wedding planning process was an understatement. Working collaboratively with the wedding invitation designer, My Perfect Event was able to get the reception venue name change incorporated into the wedding invitations just prior to them being sent to print – disaster was adverted! Now that is why you need a wedding planner!

chapter houseDuring the wedding planning process, sometimes Felicity and Gerard just needed to ask an independent opinion or test an idea on someone. That’s where My Perfect Event was able to act as a sounding board and keep them on track with their idea of their perfect event.My Perfect Event was also able to help the bride and groom locate and hire mini milk bottles that they used as vases on the tables at the wedding reception. We also found the perfect frame and easel for their signage at the ceremony. We’d planned and coordinated every detail of the strategic side of their wedding. It’s easy for a bride and groom to get caught up in the big picture of how their wedding day will look. It’s My Perfect Event’s role to make it happen. For example we physically took the flowers from the ceremony and placed them in exactly the right place at the reception.

Wedding Reception at The Stoke House in Melbourne

Wedding Reception at The Stoke House in Melbourne

I think the biggest relief for the bride and groom was knowing that My Perfect Event had every minute detail covered on their Melbourne wedding day. We helped Felicity and Gerard collate all their wedding details into a running sheet and then distributed it to everyone who was involved in their wedding day planning. We even had a bottle of water for the groom and a breath mint for the bride! Now that’s a perfect wedding!

Reception layout at The Stoke House

Reception layout at The Stoke House

If you want o make sure all the details come together on your wedding day, that is what we do best! Contact us today.