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Balloon Ban

In Victoria, it is now illegal to release balloons outside in the open to float away, this is now considered littering. It can be deadly to our wildlife, as you cannot control where the balloons float away too and when they burst, wildlife think it is food and eat it, and then often die. You …

Baby Shower Birthday Party Wedding

Rustic Theme

We have a range of party and wedding hire items that fit the rustic theme. It can look gorgeous for a party or a wedding. We have hessian table cloth for the main cake table. We also have hessian table runners. Get creative and the hessian table runner can also be used on hay bales …

Birthday Party Party Hire Wedding

Western Themed Party

Always a popular theme is the Western themed party. I think we had as much fun as the client in preparing for their joint birthday party. The clients wanted a treat for their combined husband and wife 40th birthday’s, so they engaged My Perfect Event to organize their birthday party extravaganza. A Western Cowboys is …