Tears on Your Wedding Day!

Your wedding day will be a very sentimental day of your life. You have worked so hard to plan your wedding so when it all comes together perfectly, you can’t help but shed a tear. My absolute favourite moment at a wedding is when the groom sees his bride-to-be for the very first time. Another one is when the father of the bride sees his daughter in her wedding dress. It captures the real, special moment and shows true love and happiness.  I can remember my wedding day when I walked down the aisle and my now husband, had tears running down his face. I had a lump in my throat and was holding back my tears. It made that moment that extra special and I will remember that moment for the rest of my life.

Your wedding day is not only a very emotional and sentimental day for you but for your friends and family, especially your parents. We sometimes forget that having a child get married is a huge thing for our parents and a very emotional journey. It’s letting go of their baby and realizing they are now real grown-ups, a new wife or new husband. So pay that extra bit of attention to your parents as it is a big moment for them as well as you.

A tear at your wedding is bound to happen, just make sure they are tears of happiness and love rather that stress and lack of sleep.

Below are some great wedding moments where the bride and groom, and the parents, got a bit teary…..so sweet

groom crying

bride crying

groom shed a tear

bride crying

tears of a bride

bridesmaids tears of joy

emotinal mother of bride crying

father of bride emotinal

emotional bride and groom

tears at at weddingThere will be a bunch of BIG moments that are bound to get you all choked up, just take it all in and enjoy the moment.

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My Wedding Organizer is your complete solution to planning your OWN wedding day as if you were a skilled wedding planner.

wedding planner

“What does “My Wedding Organizer eBook” do exactly?”

It is an 80 page wedding planning eBook which helps guide you in the right direction when it comes to planning and organizing your wedding. This 80 page eBook allows you to print out the pages that you need for YOUR wedding and place in your favourite ring binder folder.

With “My Wedding Organizer” you’ll be able to…

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Awesome Bonuses

We will take you through your wedding planning step by step to make sure you include everything. My wedding Organizer will

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wedding planning book

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You will receive My Wedding Organizer eBook on a customized USB (see image below)

my wedding organizer

How to enter:

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Entries will be judged on their creativity. There is one eBook on USB valued at $107.00 to be given away. The eBook comes on a USB storage and will be mailed to you. The winner will be announced on Monday 30th December 2014 via the Weddings by MaxiMy Facebook page. You will have 24 hours to respond. If we don’t hear back, we’ll pick a new winner. Only one entry per person will be accepted. The prize is non-transferable or redeemable for cash. The judges’ decision is final. No correspondence will be entered in to

Super Cool Wedding Food Stations

DIY Wedding food stations are becoming more and more popular. I love the idea of getting the guests involved in creating their own food – to a certain extent of course. We don’t want them to have to cook up their own main meal of course. I am talking about small food stations where the guest can make their own snack or dessert. Great way to get your guest involved and interacting with others.

No two people are alike, which means no two palettes are alike. Creating food stations or food bars gives guests a way to customize your menu choices to their tastes. It’s a way to cater to every kind of eater – those who don’t like too much sauce or those who prefer a little more garlic. Check out these Super-Cool Wedding Stations

cheese bar wedding

diy food station

DIY ice cream bar wedding

mash potato bar wedding

hamburger station wedding

marshmello station wedding

diy glaced apple station wedding

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Other Food Station Ideas:

  • Nacho bar
  • Gelato, ice cream, or frozen yogurt bar
  • Donuts or biscuit bar
  • Pancake bar
  • Pizza bar
  • Pasta bar
  • Children’s food bar
  • Sushi bar
  • French fry bar
  • old fashioned popcorn bar

The options are endless..It is all about using your creativity to get your guests involved.

Would you do a DIY food station? What kind?

Think PINK for Your Wedding Theme

Having a pink wedding dress is becoming more and more popular amongst brides. Vera Wang fall collection for 2014 has just hit the runways and PINK is the new colour.

In colour psychology PINK relates to unconditional love and understanding, and the giving and receiving of nurturing. Pink calms the physical passion and power of red making it a more gentle and loving energy. Pink as your wedding color will create a mood of gentle warmth, love and thoughtfulness.

“Pink as sensual, pink as seductive, pink as dreamy, pink as sophisticated, pink as strong, pink as cool. Think pink!” – Vera Wang

Check out the pink wedding dresses from Vera Wang, stunning designs as usual!

wedding dress vera wang

pink vera wang wedding dress

wedding dress by vera wang

vera wang pink wedding dressImage links: www.verawang.com/veraunveiled/2013/10/fall-2014-bridal-run-of-show/

To check out the rest of Vera Wang’s PINK collection Click Here

The pink palette can be a bride’s best friend.

From hot pink roses to cotton candy-toned cake, get inspired by the versatility of this feminine hue. Why not create a mood of gentle warmth, love and thoughtfulness for your wedding day by having a PINK wedding theme!

pink wedding dessert

pink wedding reception

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Superhero Wedding Theme

Do you and your partner share a love for superheros? Why not have a different kind of wedding; making it unique and meaningful to YOU and to what YOU love. A themed wedding where you take inspiration from your favourite superheros and comic books is a perfect way to show all your family and friends the fun side of you. From superhero-inspired stationery to ring bearers in capes, these fun details will guarantee your special day a spot in the league of extraordinary weddings.

There’s nothing wrong with adding some geeky touches to your special day. But if you are having a superhero wedding theme, as crazy as it might be, make sure you follow it through all the way so it doesn’t become a messy affair! But just remember, you have to look back at this photos for the rest of your life so choose your theme wisely!

You can go all out and become the characters like below

comic book theme

comic book theme wedding

star wars wedding

themed bridesmaids

rock bride

wampyre bride

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If you could have a superhero wedding, which superhero would you be?

Wedding Photography + Giveaway

wedding photography

Wedding photography is an art; it is important you pick a photographer whose work you absolute LOVE and who knows exactly what they are doing! Your wedding photographs are what you get to keep to seal the memories of your amazing day. When choosing your wedding photographer make sure you never choose based on price, I know that might sound silly as you probably have to stick to a budget, but when it comes to your wedding photos you HAVE to choose someone because you love their images and you connect with them. I can’t stress this enough…your wedding photographer is going to be a very important part of your day! They will be with you for most of the day so it is important that you feel comfortable around them. They will be capturing every special moment that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Would you want someone inexperienced with the risk of stuffing it all up?

When you have your initial meeting with your wedding photographer, it is important you find out as much information as you can so you can make a decision easily. Here are a few examples of what you should be asking your wedding photographer in your initial meeting:

  • Are you the actual wedding photographer who will be taking the pictures? If not, can I meet with that photographer?
  • How long have you been a professional wedding photographer? May I see samples of your work?
  • What packages do you offer? What do they include?
  • Do you include reprints or albums in your pricing?
  • What is the reorder price, if I decide to order additional prints later?
  • What type of photography do you specialize in? (candid, portraits, photojournalistic, black and white or a combination?)
  • Have you photographed at my ceremony and reception site before?
  • Are you familiar with the lighting/layout there?
  • How many other weddings do you have that night? Are there any time limits as to how long you can stay?
  • When will my proofs be ready?
  • Can I view my photos online? Do you offer online ordering for my guests?
  • What happens if you are sick or have an emergency on my wedding day?
  • In the event of equipment failure, can you guarantee that a backup camera will be on hand?
  • How far in advance must I book your services?
  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • Is a deposit required? If so, when and how much?

These questions will cover the basics but make sure you know what you want and be comfortable with the photographer and your choice! . Remember, this is your special day so make sure your photographer is a right fit for you!

Win a wedding photography

What you will receive

You will receive a $1000 Gift Voucher towards your Wedding Photography with Megan Aldridge Photography

Megan Aldridge is not your average wedding photographer. She is someone who watches for just at the right moment to catch Mum wiping away a tear as you’re getting dressed. She looks like she’s just innocently hanging around, but really she’s got you right where she wants you. She is an amazing wedding photographer. Every cheeky wink, every secret glance, is caught with a quiet ‘click’, and it’s in your story forever. All the pieces of your wedding day puzzle are polished up and put together into a perfect collection of stunning images, crafted by the master wedding photographer herself Megan Aldridge.

Below are some of Megan’s images…amazing aren’t they?

wedding photographer

wedding photography

wedding day bride and mum

bride and groom summer

wedding photographer melbourne

Thank you again Megan Aldridge for this kind donation

How to enter:

This competition is now closed!

Good luck!

Entries will be judged on their creativity. There is one $1000 wedding photography gift voucher. The winner will be announced on Wednesday 25th September, 2013 via the Weddings by MaxiMy Facebook page. You will have 24 hours to respond. If we don’t hear back, we’ll pick a new winner. Only one entry per person will be accepted. The prize is non-transferable or redeemable for cash. The judges’ decision is final. No correspondence will be entered in to. The $1000 wedding photography voucher is only redeemable at Megan Aldridge Photography. The voucher is not redeemable with any other offer.

The Perfect Wedding Kiss

Capturing the emotions on a wedding day and telling the story, makes the magical moments last a lifetime! The moment the officiant announces that the groom may kiss his bride is one of the most anticipated rituals of the wedding ceremony. The wedding kiss  is the moment you will cherish for the rest of your life.

In the Western tradition, the wedding kiss symbolizes the exchange of souls between the bride and the groom, fulfilling the scripture that “the two shall become one flesh. Most couples regard the gesture as a joyful start of the marriage. With everyone watching and pointing cameras to immortalize the moment, the pressure to bestow the perfect kiss may get intense for some couples.

Wedding kiss tip: It should not be too short as you want to capture the emotions of the moment, but it should not last so long that your guests get uncomfortable. Most photographers recommend a five-second kiss, which is plenty of time to snap the perfect shot!

Check out this amazing wedding kiss shots. Just beautiful!

the kiss

outside wedding kiss

wedding kiss in the rain

wedding kiss

wedding ceremony kiss

wedding kiss outside skye

romantic wedding kiss

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Fun Wedding Reception Games

Why not up the fun at your wedding reception and keep your guest entertained with some fun games. The wedding reception is a time where the bride and groom come together with family and friends to celebrate the beginning of a new relationship. However your guests may not be familiar with each other, and even though the alcohol might be flowing, getting the guests involved in wedding reception games is a great way for breaking the ice and start an entertaining conversation and mingling. Couples nowadays are recognizing the importance of providing guests with an incredible experience, and as a result, receptions have become more than just the typical dinner and dance party.

These 5 wedding reception games will spice up the night and leave guests talking for weeks to come.

1. How well do you know the bride and groom

Make each guest guess which statement belongs to the bride and groom. Interesting way to see if they really know you.

wedding reception games

2. Advice for the newly married couple

Why not get your guests to give you some great advice for your married life together. It is so much fun reading about it after, trust me people are pretty creative when it comes to advice!

wedding tips and advice

3. What about a game of scrabble?

If your guests are tired of dancing they can have a go at the scrabble station!

wedding scrabble game

4. Lawn Games

You can have a variety of lawn games at an outdoor reception. Ideas include Giant Jenga, bocce ball, croquet, mini golf, corn hole, ring toss, badminton and horse shoes.

wedding outside games

5. I spy…

Send the kids (or adults) on a photo scavenger hunt with this game of I-spy! That will keep them entertained for hours!

kids wedding games

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10 Stunning Vintage Engagement Rings

When it comes to being practical during the wedding planning process, there is one exception: engagement rings! It is all about being the shiniest, blingiest, sparkliest and the most stunningest! Well, that is what most of us hope for. Now when it comes to the price tag, it might be above and beyond what we could only dream of , but hey, you can always look and dream…and maybe hope that someday….

Because diamonds are, like the song says, a girl’s best friend we’ve rounded up 10 of the most beautiful, most blinged-up, most bedazzling vintage engagement rings we could find. What do you think?

engagement ring

1940s Engagement Ring - Vintage Gold and Diamond Ring









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Wedding Cakes + Giveaway!

Your wedding cake is the edible centerpiece of your wedding reception. The choice of a wedding cake is a very personal one and should represent you and your fiance’s personality and sense of style; elegant, sophisticated or playful.  There are so many options when it comes to wedding cakes and the choices can be overwhelming. It really comes down to your likes and dislikes, your wedding theme and most importantly what you can afford within your wedding budget. There is not always a need to design your wedding cake from scratch. You can choose a basic cake base and then add your personal touches to it. Look for inspiration in wedding magazines, online or at bakers displays to get an idea on what you like. Talk to your wedding cake maker to see how he/she can make your wedding cake within your budget.

When it comes to the wedding cake, couples are nowadays taking chances and having fun. They’re making a statement.  Couples are now aiming for their wedding cakes to “WOW” their guests. Check out these amazing white wedding cakes!

simple yet elegant

wedding cake

clean wedding cakes1.www.australiaentertains.com.au, 2. theknot.ninemsn.com.au, 3. www.zoeclarkcakes.com, 4. naijalife.freehostia.com

What you will receive

You will receive a $100 Gift Voucher towards your Wedding  Cake at the Cheesecake Shop in Boronia! 

Sandra King from Boronia Cheesecake Shop will design your perfect wedding cake for your perfect day! Her wedding cakes start at as little as $149 and Sandra will guide you when selecting your wedding cake.

Below are some cakes designed by the Cheesecake Shops around Australia and NZ. You can add your special touches to a basic cake for so much cheaper than cake shops that specializes in wedding cakes. So why not try the Cheesecake Shop in Boronia!

Thank you again Sandra King from Boronia Cheesecake Shop for this kind donation

How to enter:

Competition is now CLOSED!

Good luck!

Entries will be judged on their creativity. There is one $100 wedding cake gift voucher. The winner will be announced on Wednesday 14th August, 2013 via the Weddings by MaxiMy Facebook page. You will have 24 hours to respond. If we don’t hear back, we’ll pick a new winner. Only one entry per person will be accepted. The prize is non-transferable or redeemable for cash. The judges’ decision is final. No correspondence will be entered in to. The $100 voucher is only redeemable at Boronia Cheesecake shop for a wedding cake.