The Perfect Wedding Kiss

Capturing the emotions on a wedding day and telling the story, makes the magical moments last a lifetime! The moment the officiant announces that the groom may kiss his bride is one of the most anticipated rituals of the wedding ceremony. The wedding kiss  is the moment you will cherish for the rest of your life.

In the Western tradition, the wedding kiss symbolizes the exchange of souls between the bride and the groom, fulfilling the scripture that “the two shall become one flesh. Most couples regard the gesture as a joyful start of the marriage. With everyone watching and pointing cameras to immortalize the moment, the pressure to bestow the perfect kiss may get intense for some couples.

Wedding kiss tip: It should not be too short as you want to capture the emotions of the moment, but it should not last so long that your guests get uncomfortable. Most photographers recommend a five-second kiss, which is plenty of time to snap the perfect shot!

Check out this amazing wedding kiss shots. Just beautiful!

the kiss

outside wedding kiss

wedding kiss in the rain

wedding kiss

wedding ceremony kiss

wedding kiss outside skye

romantic wedding kiss

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