I love the look of that cake stand, but how many cupcakes will it fit? That is a good question. It can be really hard to try and work out how much party food will fit on the cake stands. Then not all cupcakes are made equal in size, so you can see the dilemma. We have put together a visual reference for our cupcake and cake stands, so you can easily see just how many items will fit.

You can do this at home too. You don’t have to have round shapes for measuring, just simply cut squares to the size of your cupcakes and place them on a piece of paper that matches the dimensions of the cake stand that you would like to hire. Then you can work out how many pieces will fit on each cake stand and if you can combine different sizes of cakes on the stand.

How do I interest to my cupcake or dessert table?

If you are planning a dessert table to be a feature of your baby shower or wedding then consider adding height and variety. You can stack a smaller acrylic riser on top of a larger one for the base layer. This helps add height and interest to your dessert table display. Also add flowers. The right floral arrangement can really set your dessert table apart from the rest. By adding flowers, you are also adding color and texture.

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