Silver Moroccan Lantern (med)

Rent for $20.00

Medium silver metal Lantern. The door opens so you can use candles or fill with flowers.


Size: TBAcm W x TBAcm D X TBAcm H approx

Total: $ ( days).
Rental return within days.


This medium sized silver Moroccan lantern can be enhanced to fit your theme. For example, just add flowers and the lantern is already for the Moroccan themed party, or your wedding. The door opens back so you can add candles or flowers for great affect.

Size: TBAcm W x TBAcm D X TBAcm H approx

Notes: Has glass windows.

Flowers are excluded from the hire price.


Rental information

Please read our full rental terms and conditions.

Collect on Friday afternoon, use on Saturday or Sunday and return by 11am on the Monday. Or, ask us about delivery.