Put it on a stick!

Still a reasonably new idea, created in 2008, the cake pop has really added a new dimension too many birthday parties and wedding catering ideas.  Bought to us by blogger Angie Dudley from Bakerella, Georgia USA, they can be any design. The idea of a cake pop, using up pieces of cake and crumbs has been around for a long time, the beautiful and tasty cake pop that we know today, was really launched in 2008.

Cake pops, or dessert on a stick can be a fun element to add to your birthday party or wedding catering. They look amazing on a dessert table, and they are actually the perfect bite size for your guests!

It doesn’t have to be just a cake pop on a stick. You can get your creative ideas going and come up with something new yourself. Why not try Oreo’s on a Stick? Great for kids birthday parties, a fun little treat that they can help themselves too.

Design your cake pops or dessert on a stick to match your event theme and colors. They do look fabulous, plus it’s a great way of eating your dessert whilst mingling with other guests. Cake pops or dessert sticks can stand on their heads or stand upright. Choose the design and style to suit your event catering. Cake pops that sit on their ‘heads’ can sit flat on any plate or tray. whereas, cake pops that sit upright, need to be supported, so keep that in mind when you are choosing your style of cake pop.

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Cake pops can be designed to fit any theme. For one event, the client’s theme was a western themed birthday party, so we asked our cake designer to match the cake pops to the theme. They looked amazing and so cute! We also have matching cow patterned kids stool covers, which fits this theme or even a farm themed birthday perfectly!

When you are thinking about your food styling for your party or event, consider hiring your platters and serving ware – you will save money and then you will not have to store the item after the event. I see so many people buy things new for their event and then try to sell them afterwards, they could have hired everything they needed and saved money, time and all that hassle. Contact us today to discuss your event needs, you can contact us by email or phone 0417 033 774.