Record Theme – 40th Birthday Party

It all started with a slightly cryptic birthday invitation. The brief was for 40th birthday party styling, for a small group of people. We did the complete event planning and styling for this 40th birthday party.

We helped find a great rental house in Sorrento, Victoria. Part of the birthday party brief was for the property to have some sort of feature. As it was a winter birthday, all the properties that had outdoor pools were not appropriate. We found a fabulous property that had the hugest ‘big’ screen tv that I’ve ever seen. It filled the entire wall of the room! The guests loved it. The guys watched the racing and the footy on the super sized tv, while later it became a movie theatre. It worked wonderfully for a winter 40th birthday party venue. 

The invitation gave the guests a hint of what they might find at the 40th birthday party. We commissioned My Artisan Studio to create a unique ‘movie theatre’ style birthday invitation. The invite was delivered in a shiny red envelope. It contained a movie theatre ticket, which was the invite, popcorn, a chocolate bar and a plastic champagne glass. All the things you would enjoy at the movies. It set a great scene for the guests to wonder what the activities would be at the birthday party. 

The birthday host didn’t want boring name place cards for the birthday dinner table. She wanted something that had never been seen before. So we used vinyl records as the place mats. This fitted in with the movie theme, as all movies have sound tracks. We styled the hallway and lined the walls with red paper lantern bags that came alive when lit from within by tea candles. They created a fabulous ambiance leading down the hallway into the dining room. The name place cards were in fact free standing cylinders. My Artisan Studio interpreted our 40th birthday party, name place card brief perfectly. The table looked spectacular and all the guests commented on the unique event styling. It was the perfect event.

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