Rustic Themed Party

We have a range of party and wedding hire items that fit the rustic theme. When well done, a rustic theme can look gorgeous for a party or a wedding. We have hessian table cloth for the main cake table. We also have hessian table runners. Get creative and the hessian table runner can also be used on hay bales so the hay doesn’t get on your guests clothes when they sit on them. You can of course simply use the hessian table runner as a chair sash – very versatile!

Too much rustic?

If you love the look and feel of rustic styling, keep in mind that not everything needs to be ‘rustic’. You can always have a rustic theme with a touch of glamour or sparkle. It comes down to how do you interpret the theme, after all, it’s your party! A perfect example of this is, you could have a rustic themed party with rose gold accents. This gives you the opportunity to add little touches of color and sparkle. Contact My Perfect Event if you need assistance fine tuning your theme and styling. We offer an independent opinion and can often see when things don’t fit within the theme, even if you love the items.