When you are planning your perfect event, remember to think about what you are going to serve the food on. Even if you are doing a buffet style where guests serve themselves, having the right serving trays helps to make everything perfect. Hire all your serving trays and cake platters to save on cost and not having to store the items afterwards.

Contact us to discuss your party hire needs. It can be overwhelming to try and work out what and how many items you might need for your event catering. We can help you work this out and provide a quote for either DIY collection and return from our Scarsdale location, or we do offer full delivery and return collection for a fee.

Delivery to Ballarat is $50 and return collection is also $50. Some clients just want us to drop off the items or only pick them up as they will be away on their honeymoon after the event. We can certainly just do one leg of the delivery/collection phase and you can do the other.

So the total to drop off your order and then return on at a later time or date to collect the hired items is a total of $100 for the Ballarat area.

We can deliver to the western side of Melbourne and the city area (excludes eastern side of Melbourne). This delivery is $120 and the return collection is also $120. Again you are welcome to either pick up or return the hired items and we can do the other. Contact us to discuss your location and hire items required.

We have a selection of wooden serving trays and boards. These are versatile and especially great when you want something different for serving your food.

Wooden serving trays hire from $3.00-$8.50 each.

We have a whole range of serving platters, trays and cake stands that suit a Mad Hatters or Alice in Wonderland theme. Browse our tea cups and china here. Or look at our cake stands here.