Unique Wedding Invitations Ideas!

Your wedding invitation sets the expectations of the style, theme and formality of your wedding day and influences all of your other wedding stationery.

Wedding invitations are a perfect way to share your excitement about your upcoming wedding with your guests. It is the first impression of your wedding day, so spend some time looking for a wedding invitation that really reflects the wedding you are planning, and suits your theme or wedding style.

Theme: Make sure you decide on a theme for your wedding before you even start looking at wedding invitations. There are so many options out there and it is very easy to get overwhelmed and confused. Once you have a theme in mind, you will find it easy to look for the colours and styles that match your wedding theme. TIP: write down your wedding theme – this is useful to refer back to if you are getting sidetracked as your wedding planning progresses. If you haven’t decided on a theme when ordering your invitations, I suggest you go for something neutral which will leave the doors open to match with a theme later.

Cost: Wedding invitations can get quite costly if you are not careful. Make sure you compare all your options. Get a few quotes from wedding invitation vendors as well as the online market. It all comes down to how much detail you want and how many you are after. In my experience a lot of brides forget about the cost of postage when ordering their wedding invitations, so make sure you include postage into your pricing. Remember it’s not only about the weight of the invitations; it also comes down to size. Have a think about your guest list and decide how many invitations could you hand deliver. This saves on cost and then you get to see the excitement on your guests faces as they open the invite. I did this for my wedding, and it was great to see all my hard work meet with lots of oooohs and WOWS even when I had just presented the wedding invite package, they still had to open the box!

Design your own wedding invitation with a local supplier: the best thing about working with a local supplier is that you can go and meet with them. You can look at wedding paper samples, you can touch the papers and you can see the fine differences in texture and importantly color. Being able to meet face-to-face is such a time saver in the long run. What you are wanting does not get lost in email translation. It’s a well kept secret that My Artisan Studio, a local Ballarat artisan makes unique wedding stationary (they don’t often promote this on their website, but we have worked with them before). They are definitely worth talking to when you want something that you know you cannot find online or anywhere else.

Allow enough time: Don’t wait until last minute to order your wedding invitations as the turnaround time can be quite long if you have handmade detailed designs. If you send out save the date cards at least 5-9 months before the wedding, your guests will hold the date!

Have a bit of FUN with your wedding invitations and create something unique that your guest will remember! In the images below the bride and groom have chosen to have fun and go away from the traditional printed invitations.