Wedding Book

What’s included in “My Wedding Book”:

12 Month Wedding Timeline
Insiders Wedding Planning Tips, Advice and Secrets
Wedding Vendors Checklists & Forms
A Budget Wedding Planner
Much, much more

“My Wedding Organizer” is your complete solution to planning your OWN wedding day as if you were a skilled wedding planner.


 Dear Bride-to-Be,

Congratulations you’re engaged and about to start planning the biggest event of your life, YOUR WEDDING DAY! Have you been dreaming of your wedding day ever since you were a little girl? Do you know exactly what you want? Are you ready to begin the process of putting it all together for that one big day that is approaching faster than you ever imagined…

“But there is just one Problem!”

(and it prevents 99% of brides from having their dream wedding)

You’ve come to discover that planning the perfect wedding is not as easy and straight forward as you thought. Where do you start? What do you do first? What do you need to include and how do you do it? It feels as though you will end up having to scrap the fantasy wedding you’ve been dreaming about because you are too confused and overwhelmed about where to start.

But do you, really?

Every year, brides hire the assistance of wedding planners  to plan and organize weddings, sometimes elaborate, sometimes simple and intimate but regardless of the wedding type or theme, one thing is crystal clear: Wedding planners can assist you with your wedding planning. However, if you have dreamt of planning your OWN wedding and Doing It All Yourself is a must, you do need the skills and knowledge of a wedding planner.

Well, look no further!

Written by a professional wedding planner, “My Wedding Organizer” is your complete solution to planning your OWN wedding as if you were a skilled wedding planner with years of experience in the business!

My Wedding Organizer” is an 80 page wedding e-workbook filled with checklists, hints & tips and pages dedicated for each area of your wedding. Not only does this wedding book go through the step by step guide on what you need to plan a wedding, it also keeps all your vendor details all in one organized place and you can reference back to them when you need to. We have created “My Wedding Organizer” wedding book, filled with many useful tools, to help you through the entire process, making it easy and stress‐free! Take all the guesswork and confusion out of planning your wedding with this complete 80 page wedding organizer.

Why should you read “My Wedding Organizer eBook?”

Because of the author! Melina Adelaide is not only a professional wedding organizer with years of experience planning and organizing weddings, she’s also a previous bride and a loving wife. She has been through the experience of planning not only her own wedding but 100 of weddings for her clients. Her nick name is “The Organizing Chick “because of her ability to get her clients organized and systemized. My wedding organizer will

Help you plan your wedding like a professional
Motivate you to keep your wedding planning experience focused and fun!
Encourage you to stay on track with your wedding planning.
Provide you with insider wedding planning tips, advice and secrets.
much much more

Who better to teach you how to plan and organize your wedding than a wedding organizer who is also a wife and previous bride?

“What does “My Wedding Organizer eBook” do exactly?”

It is an 80 page wedding planning eBook which helps guide you in the right direction when it comes to planning and organizing your wedding. This 80 page eBook allows you to print out the pages that you need for YOUR wedding and place in your favourite ring binder folder.

With “My Wedding Organizer” you’ll be able to…

Learn to create a meaningful budget.
Discover how to interview and hire the best vendors.
Establish tools to help organize the big day.
Stay on top of events, checklists and dates for important wedding tasks.

And it works for any bride, anywhere in the world…As long as you speak English, you’ll be able to read my guide and implement the methods. Stay organized while planning every aspect of your wedding.

Grab your copy now for YOURSELF or as the ultimate gift to a friend or loved one.

Take Action, And Get Started Now! Not Tomorrow, Start Today!

Make A Change To Have A Great Memorable Wedding Event!


P.S. Even if you have no plans to get married, “My Wedding Organizer” makes a great gift for someone who does.

Get your copy now!

Happy Organizing,

Melina Adelaide

a.k.a “The Organizing Chick”

P.S. At a price of $29.95 for complete access to My Wedding Organizer, I’ve taken ALL of the risk away from you and put it on my shoulders. If My Wedding Organizer isn’t everything I say it is, you can get a full refund within 60 days of purchase by contacting me. I am 110% confident you’ll be blown away!