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Wouldn’t you rather be carrying your bridal bouquet instead of a clipboard on your wedding day?

bride with notepadWe know that planning a wedding is a daunting task. Did you know that most brides spend 250 hours on average planning their wedding?! That is a huge time commitment so when it comes to your actual wedding day you deserve to enjoy and have fun with your family and friends, and not to worry if everything is running to schedule.

This is where we can help. My Perfect Event is your Ballarat-Melbourne wedding planner. We do all the running around on your wedding day and coordinate all the finer details so you can sit back and relax. We guide you through this amazing, once-in-a life time experience.  With our experience and expertise as wedding planners, we can create a truly unique and magical experience for you: Your Wedding Day! We promise to eliminate your stress and maximize your lifetime memories.

When you start thinking about your wedding day, you will soon realise that all your trusted ‘go to’ helpers will probably be guests at your wedding. That makes it impossible to ask them to ‘work’ on the day with some of the behind the scenes things that need to happen to make your wedding day flow smoothly. Call My Perfect Event today on 0417 033 774 to discuss your wedding day plans.

How we can Coordinate Your Wedding Day

You have worked hard with your wedding planner choosing your dress, finding vendors, selecting your cake and so much more. It’s now your turn to relax and start to enjoy this magnificent occasion. You won’t have to worry that your Groom cannot tie his tie correctly, or if the cake has been delivered to the venue, in fact you won’t have to worry about a thing.  Your Professional Wedding Planner will be in attendance to ensure every moment runs smoothly, nothing is overlooked and ensure a wonderful, stress-free day for you and him! So don’t let all that wedding planning go to waste, it is your time to relax and enjoy your special day. Leave the running around to the professionals!

Allow your professional Wedding Planner to take care of your wedding day coordination. Every little detail on your wedding day will be considered by us, leaving you to enjoy every moment. Talk to us today to start planning your wedding day. We will meet and discuss your wedding ideas, hope and dreams for your ideal wedding day. We charge an hourly rate of $120 per hour, per person. Depending on the logistics of the various locations involved for your wedding day, a travel charge might also apply. We can tailor a solution to meet your budget and expectations.


Why Hire a Wedding Planner for On-the-Wedding-Day?

wedding plannerEven the best-laid plans needs to be managed. Our experience shows that so many brides tend to overlook how much goes into the last minute details on the actual wedding day. Trying to get ready and coordinate everyone else takes away from enjoying the moment. From my own experience, there is always something that comes up on the wedding day that cannot be planned for. Your wedding planner can deal with these incidents so you relax and enjoy being in the moment.

My Perfect Event will take the pressure off you and your family, both before and on the big day. Your dedicated wedding planner will create wedding day schedules which we distribute to everyone involved. We will be at your ceremony site as well as reception to manage your vendors and troubleshoot any problems so that everything runs smoothly and on schedule. YOU, your family and friends needs to focus on the fun stuff and savour every minute of this fabulous event.  Our promise is to eliminate the stress and maximize your lifetime memories. Think wedding planner….Think My Perfect Event!

Benefits of using a Wedding Planner:

  • Checking the checklist! We answer questions from suppliers on the day
  • Peace of mind knowing your experienced wedding planner is taking care of your wedding day
  • Freeing up your time so you can talk to your guests that are enjoying this day with you
  • Freeing up your family or friends from needing to assist with tiring tasks on the day
  • Management of suppliers – i.e. your wedding planner will oversee any suppliers
  • Liaison with the venue – your wedding planner will ensure the best flow on the day
  • Having a professional coordinate the day so you can enjoy your Dream Wedding Day!

Kira & Phil_10Be IN the moment and enjoy EVERY detail of your wedding planning; from planning and organising your wedding to the actual wedding day. Leave the stress and running around to My Perfect Event!

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