We have a good selection of picture frames, chalkboards, mirrors and easels for hire in Ballarat. Make your budget go further and hire your frames. Add your own poster to suit your wedding or event theme. We also have floor standing easels and table top easels to put the frames on. Check our signage hire items for other hire useful items.

Other signs for hire

Happily Ever After Sign

Our wedding Happily Ever After Sign is neutral in color, so this way it will fit with whatever color scheme you have chosen for your wedding.

Size: outside edge: 80cm high x 80cm wide approx. SIGN HIRE COST: $40

Happily ever After Wedding Sign Hire

Item No: PF0026 Happily Ever After Sign

White Picture Frame 

A plain white frame, perfect for your own custom signage.

White picture frame hire Ballarat
Item No: PF0001 White Frame

FRAME SIZE: 54 cm W X 68.5 cm H (Print Size: 44.5 cm W X 59.5 cm H)


A3 Ornate White Frame

This A3 sized frame is perfect for your own custom signage as a Thank You sign or Gift sign.

White picture frame hire Ballarat

Item No: PF0003 Ornate A3 Frame

FRAME SIZE: 10” X 8” (Print Size: ??cm X ??cm)



Item No: PF0004

Perfect for  your own custom signage.

FRAME SIZE: 64.5 cm W X 74.5cm H (Print Size: 49.5 cm W X 59.5 cm H)


Large Gold Ribbon Frame

Our large gold ribbon display frame is perfect if you want to peg up photos or baby shower wish cards that your guest have completed. It has a thin gold ribbon in four horizontal rows across the frame. Approximately 20 small white pegs are included in the hire price. Add a floor easel to make this display moveable during your event.

Wedding Decor Frame Hire Ballarat
Item No: PF0020 Gold Ribbon Frame

Size: outside edge: 94cm high x 78cm wide. FRAME HIRE COST: $45

Add an ornate easel HIRE COST: $20 each.

Large White Mirror Frame

Item No: PF0021 White Mirror

Size: outside edge: cm high x cm wide. FRAME HIRE COST: $55

Add an ornate easel HIRE COST: $20 each. BYO decals.

Large Ornate White Frame

Wedding Frame Hire Ballarat

Item No: PF0022 White Ornate Frame

FRAME SIZE: 70cm cm W X 94cm H

PRINT: 55.5 cm W x 80cm H

FRAME HIRE COST: $45. BYO print.

TIP: to create a faux blackboard sign, print your sign on matt black paper. This way there is no smudging and you can still have the fine detail in any writing or images.

Horizontal Sign with Chain

chalkboard signs party wedding hire ballarat

Item No: PF0015 Horizontal Sign

This directional sign comes with the chains attached and it is already painted with the word ‘wedding’, so you just have to slip it over the sign post to have your wedding sign ready for your guests. Sure, your guests have Google maps and might know where your wedding venue is, but fun signs add some excitement to your wedding day for your guests. The wedding sign will be the first thing that the see on the way to your wedding venue. Signs help to set the tone for what is about to unfold and signs help to build excitement!


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